Colossus 3д-принтер






Huge 3D printer  from Colossus

The ROBOTMASH company is the official representative of the Colossus company in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

3D printer Colossus
Colossus 3д-принтер


The huge field of the 3D printer allows you to grow large models in one print!


No need to wait! 3D printing speed up to 15 kilograms per hour!

Colossus 3д-принтер


Ability to work with recycled materials.


To understand the unique features of a Colossus 3D printer, it’s better to see it once on different examples than to hear about it many times.

  • Art objects

    Beautiful shapes in a short time

  • Wall panels

    Functional application

  • Colossus 3д-принтер

    Designer Racks

    With individual design

  • Designer chairs

    Durable and wear resistant

  • Engineering details

    With unique properties

Colossus 3д-принтер

Large scale 3d print

Size matters! The main problem in large 3D printers is shrinkage, continuity, speed. All three "sores" of large 3D printers are eliminated in Colossus. Already now you can try the quality and speed of Colossus, leave a request for 3D printing.

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Colossus 3д-принтер

Garbage recycling

The Colossus 3D printer has the ability to use trash as raw materials. Garbage in the past can become functional products in the future!

Combining recycling with 3D printing technology will revolutionize the modern manufacturing industry.

  • PET-G

    Due to its high toughness and minimal shrinkage, this material is excellent for a wide range of applications.

  • PLA and rPLA

    PLA is ideal for 3D printing. Due to its low shrinkage coefficient, the PLA will not deform after cooling.

  • PP and rPP

    It was designed for excellent adhesion to the layer and optical clarity while maintaining mechanical properties.

  • M-ABS

    M-ABS is a transparent ABS material. It is strong, durable and shockproof.

  • PET-Carbon

    It is carbon fiber reinforced PET which makes this material one of the most durable in FGF printing.

  • PLA stone

    PLA stone has weight and texture like stone. It is easily polished during post-processing. Our technology allows filling PLA up to 50%.

  • PLA wood

    PLA can be mixed with various additives such as stone, wood or bronze. We can fill PLA up to 50%.


The Colossus 3D printer uses granules rather than filament as a raw material which expands the range of materials used in printing. You can take advantage of the durability or new features. Together, Robotmash and Colossus are expanding the line of materials and manufacturers for the Colossus 3D printer every day.

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