3D printer Colossus

The ROBOTMASH company presents to your attention the largest mobile 3D-printer in the world - Colossus  .


Convenient form factor

The case of the 3D printer is a container of the marine type which can be conveniently transported by truck.


Ease of use

In the side of the 3D printer there is a large stained glass, through which you can control the printing process without going into the container. On the same side there is an additional door to enter the operator’s room of the 3D printer.


Organized operator seat

In the operator’s room of the 3D printer, there is a drying chamber for polymers and composites with which the 3D printer works. Primary loading of consumables is made in this chamber.


Air conditioning system

A climate system is installed in the 3D printer which allows you to maintain optimal conditions for temperature and humidity both inside the model building area and in the operator’s room.


Automated control

The operator’s room also has a 3D printer control cabinet, in which electric units are located to ensure the smooth operation of the 3D printer. The electrical consumption of a 3D printer is 15 kW, which allows you to record a 3D printer even from a diesel generator.


Heated Vacuum Platform

The area of model building is based on a vacuum heating table which has the ability to heat up to 150 degrees Celsius.


Replaceable nozzles

As an extrusion device the 3D printer contains several replaceable melt supply nozzles with a range of working diameters from 2 to 6 mm.



Productive extruder

The device for feeding material to the nozzle of a screw type printer. A melt pump is used to control the flow of the melt.


Huge print area!

The print area of the 3D printer is 1250 mm along the X axis, 2720 mm along the Y axis and 1500 mm along the Z axis which makes this 3D printer the largest of the transported industrial 3D printing solutions.

Video description of Colossus

All the same - only on video using the developed 3D design model.

Robotmash - the first official representative of Colossus in Russia and the CIS